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In da Viole In da Viole
Via del rifugio 16/c, Clauzetto 33090

(from 1 to 5 beds)
01 - Nido degli angeli 01 - Nido degli angeli
Via della Val Cosa 171, Clauzetto 33090

(from 1 to 5 beds)
Casanova Casanova
Via Villa Dote 12/A, Clauzetto 33090 (PN)

(from 1 to 6 beds)
Casa Cavalutti Casa Cavalutti
Via Giacomo Fabricio 1, Clauzetto 33090 (PN)

(from 1 to 7 beds)
Dai Rosc 5 Dai Rosc 5
Via del Rifugio 4, Pradis di Sotto, 33090 Clauzetto (PN)
Outside the built-up area
(from 1 to 3 beds)

Six apartments have been built inside an old school. They all have kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms and central heating. There is also a common room where guests can spend some quality time with friends or family. There is a nice fenced garden surrounding the school. The 1 South apartment is on the first floor and has a double room and a sofa bed in the kitchen area. It can accommodate up to 3 people.

The "Scuole dai Rosch" apartments are suitable for groups on holiday. The accommodation is practical, with functional furniture. It is also close to the Museum of the Pradis Cave and Green Cave.

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